Unleash Your Inner Rockstars!
We're crafting an environment that'll
have your employees strumming to the beat
of companies

believe that it takes 1 hour to respond. In reality, candidates spend 3 to 4 hours responding to a job vacancy.

of employers

consider money to be the primary motivator. In reality, financial incentives are important for only 12% of employees.

of employees

claim they have the opportunity for feedback. Only 30% of them receive feedback on their work.

Employee experience is the primary measure of your HR team's success
It begins when a person first learns about your job openings. And it doesn't end on the day of departure because a former employee will continue to speak about your company. Whether it's good or bad, it depends on you.
We help HR teams create
a flawless employee experience
How it works:
When working on HR projects, we rely on marketing and service design approaches, behavioral economics, and People Analytics.
We gather and analyze information related to your task to help you build a comprehensive understanding of your audience, your opportunities, or cutting-edge experiences in a specific field.

  • Bespoke qual and quant research and analyses
  • In-depth interviews and focus groups
  • Employee Journey Map
  • Audience segmentation and targeting, data and opinion analysis
Action Plan
Design thinking and service design help you effectively engage with your audience and involve your employees in the transformation of your company.

  • Development of an implementation plan
  • Attraction channel strategy, performance measurement, reporting
  • Workshops with your company's employees
  • Strategic sessions with top management

Olga Shpuntenko
Founder, service designer
Over 19 years of HR experience
Modern education
Product-oriented HR
Awards and prizes